Assistant Award Leader of Language and Professional Communication (LPC)

Activity: Other


As the assistant award leader of LPC, I assisted in contacting graduates for completing the graduate survey; took part in assisting the implementation and promotion of the new LPC part-time program; was responsible for liaising with the public relation agency that represents Hong Kong Forum for Responsible Drinking (FRED) in arranging possible internship opportunities for our program's students. In semester 2, 2021/22, a "Student Project Collaboration: PolyU SPEED x FReD" has been initiated. FReD’s promotional materials on previous event (i.e. online training sessions on responsible serving and drinking) were incorporated into an in-class assessment component “Promotional Copy” (20%) of LCS4468 Writing for Marketing and Public Relations Purposes in English. This can provide valuable opportunities for our students to learn from an existing company on marketing and promotional skills. It also provides opportunities for our students
to apply course knowledge in practice by engaging with an existing company. In the future, more promotions will be done to promote our program to the market and more internship opportunities will be provided for our program's students.