First Round Adjudication - Business Excellence Contest

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The Business Excellence Contest is a business competition co-organised by Hong Kong Community College and the School of Professional Education and Executive Development of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU HKCC and PolyU SPEED) for secondary and post-secondary students. The theme for the competition this year is "Technology Innovation for Achieving Social Sustainability Campaign".

Social sustainability is a process for creating sustainable, successful places that promote wellbeing by understanding what people need from the places they live and work[1]. From the business perspective, it is about understanding consumers' needs and desires, considering the social impacts of companies' actions and changes in buying habits for a better quality of life. Across industries, companies are using social impact mindset to create differentiated products, provide goods and services for customers, secure a sustainable supply chain, and communicate effectively with stakeholders. This may reach to numerous business objectives such as gaining access to new markets, increasing market share, maintaining market power, improving long-term profits, and enhancing social responsibility, etc. Nowadays, companies are keen to adopt technological innovation for achieving social sustainability in order to meet business objectives.

For instance, Amazon created an online marketplace for selling different products. Online shopping can save fuel and therefore reduce carbon dioxide emission because customers do not have to travel. Amazon plans to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other efficient delivery mechanisms to reduce the fuel and also plans to use electric delivery vehicles.

Bupa Hong Kong ran a "One Health" campaign, hoping to alter human behaviour through gamification with the step challenge on its Bupa4Life mobile app to reward people to lead a healthier life and to contribute to sustainability in society.

Finnair launched a new offset scheme for carbon neutrality. On the online platform, Choose, passengers can use the calculator to offset their carbon footprint. The price passengers pay to offset varies, depending on how much they would like their contribution goes to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and how much to support climate projects that reduce, capture, or avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

This competition is designed to provide students with an opportunity to analyse the business of a real corporation in Hong Kong and make use of their creativity and critical thinking skills to develop a new product (package) / service or launch a special event or activity with the concept of "Technology Innovation for Achieving Social Sustainability Campaign" for this corporation to create a distinctive opportunity to move forward and achieve specific business objectives. Moreover, students will develop better appreciation of theories and practices of business as well as generic attributes and abilities such as observation, communication, teamwork, analytical and organisation skills.

We received over 100 applications from secondary group this year.
Period1 Mar 2023