The Systemic Functional Research Potential: General Options in Methodology and Text-based Research

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We undertake research to move from present problems, questions, goals to future solutions, answers, and achievement of goals. To make this move, we need a range of resources available to us in the context of research, including researchers (“human resources”), data fuelling the research, technology enabling the research, theory empowering the researchers, and methodology informed by the theory. Here I will focus on methodology, modelling this resource as a potential for doing research informed by Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) — as options in research methods available to researchers, including choices between ‘qualitative’ and ‘quantitative’, ‘experimental’ and ‘non-experimental’, ‘authentic’ and ‘elicited’, and ‘manual’ and ‘automated’, and more delicate options. I will characterize and contrast these options, and discuss factors in the research context that we take into consideration when we choose options. I will survey common combinations such as ‘qualitative’ & ‘non-experimental’, pointing to research studies that can serve as helpful models. I will pay particular attention to the choice among options in research based on text analysis (including corpus linguistics), since research based on text analysis is common in the humanities; and I will argue for the value of treating manual analysis of small samples of text and automated analysis of large sample as complementary methods.
Period17 Jan 2022
Event typeSeminar
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