ArchDaily: HKIA Architecture Exhibition in Los Angeles “Island__Peninsula”



Organized by The Hong Kong Institute of Architects with Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the lead Sponsor and fully supported by Chinachem Group, the Los Angeles Architecture Exhibition “Island__Peninsula” will be staged in Los Angeles from 19th September till 2nd October this year. The opening ceremony will be held on 20th September with the preview on 19th September and the Hong Kong Response Exhibition later. A press conference was held today to announce the Exhibition’s theme and the curatorial concept, and introduce the curatorial team.

The 14-day public exhibition, under the theme of “Island __Peninsula”, is The Hong Kong Institute of Architects’ first exhibition in Los Angeles which aims to bring the unique Hong Kong Architecture to Los Angeles. The Exhibition is set in an attempt to compare the contrasting city fabrics of Hong Kong and Los Angeles and to dissect the 4 core values underneath the unique “Hong Kong-style” Architecture, namely “Glamor, Efficiency, Orderliness and Constant Change”, which give rise to the 14 ways of “Hong Kong-style” Architecture. The curatorial team, led by Co-Chief Curators Architect SO Kwok-Kin and Mr. CHANG Hoi-Wood, compares the two world-class cities of Hong Kong and Los Angeles and reveal the uniqueness of Hong Kong Architecture. A total of 16 exhibits will cover all sorts of development foundation of “Hong Kong-style” Architecture and displayed in the form of “islands” and “peninsulas”. All exhibits are not only infiltrated with architectural elements, but also literature and new media art which make the exhibition extraordinary!

Period3 Sept 2019

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