A case study of the development of a teacher professional learning community in school departments

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This study aimed at investigating traditional face-to-face PLCs in a secondary school context focusing on the role of PLCs that facilitate teacher change in beliefs and practices with respect to curriculum, teaching, learning, roles of teachers and learning to teach.

Key findings

Tam, A. C. F. (2015). The role of a professional learning community in teacher change: A
perspective from beliefs and practice. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice,
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Tam, A. C. F. (2015). Exploring teachers’ beliefs about teacher learning in professional
learning communities and their influence on collegial activities in two departments.
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A case study of Hong Kong. [in Chinese] Journal of Educational Research and Development, 7(2), 213-246. Taiwan.
Effective start/end date16/12/10 → 12/06/12


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