Applied Learning Chinese (for non-Chinese speaking students) - Chinese in Business Service

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Funded by EDB of HKSAR, the Applied Learning Chinese Course is tailor-made for local high-school students whose first language is not Chinese, aiming to develop students’ generic communication skills in Chinese for further studies and work.

According to the EDB, HKSAR website:-
ApL(C), introduced from the 2014/15 s.y., is designed to provide a simulated applied learning context to help NCS students build a foundation for using Chinese in the workplace and obtain an alternative Chinese language qualification to prepare them for further studies and career pursuits. In the language learning process, students apply reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in an integrative way and learn Chinese language in different contexts. Generally, NCS students only take and register for either Chinese Language (Category A) or 1 ApL(C) subject (Category B) in the HKDSE Examination.

The Government is committed to encouraging and supporting the early integration of NCS students into the community, including facilitating their early adaptation to the local education system and mastery of the Chinese language. Schools admitting NCS students should consider whether to provide ApL(C) courses at S4 according to their language ability, interests and aspirations.
Short titleApL(C) - Chinese in Business Service
Effective start/end date1/09/2031/08/27


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