Development of a Web-based eAssessment Tool and its Integration with Moodle for Effective Oral Presentation Assessment and Enhancing Students’ Learning

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In this project a web-based eAssessment tool for in-class oral presentation assessment is developed based on a prototype eAssessment tool available. It is integrated with Moodle LMS to make it available for the use of CPCE academic community. The tool can replace the current practice of paper-based assessment and enhance students’ expected learning outcomes from oral presentations. It facilitates transition from ‘assessment of learning’ to ‘assessment for learning’. The project is implemented in 3 stages: (i) Preparation for application development, (ii) Application development and pilot testing, and (iii) Application enhancement and final testing, integration with Moodle LMS, implementation and impact assessment. The impact on assessment and students’ learning are assessed scientifically.
Short titleCPCE Pedagogical Innovation Fund
Effective start/end date20/03/2020/03/22


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