Development of a Web-based Remote Laboratory for Science and Engineering Education| Quality Enhancement Support Scheme (QESS)| HK$2,399,200

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The learning and teaching of science/engineering subjects face a big challenge under the COVID-19 pandemic because all face-to-face laboratory works are suspended. Since laboratory works are essential and critical elements to the science and engineering education. Teachers have tried other means to relief the effect by performing demonstration, simulation or virtual laboratory, such that experimental data can be collected for analysis afterwards. However, students’ commented that they cannot see and control the laboratory apparatus in “real” time. Students are required to conduct experiments in a fixed schedule and usually the teaching and laboratory schedules are not synchronized, due to the limited laboratory equipment and space. Students are required to conduct the experiment before the teaching of the corresponding theory. This affects their learning experience and motivation.
The proposed project aims to develop a web-based remote laboratory for science and engineering education to facilitate student independent learning and enhance their learning experience. The objectives of the project are to: (1) design the infrastructure and software specification of the remote laboratory system; (2) identify experimental sets that can be conducted remotely; (3) enhance student learning experience and engagement as “real time” operation of laboratory equipment individually (not in a group like tradition laboratory) at anytime and anywhere under safe and controlled environment; (4) reduce the initial investment on offering science/engineering programmes by other local institutions for a better development of the sector; (5) enhance collaboration between local and even overseas institutions by sharing experimental sets; (6) inspire the tertiary education sector to develop blended and online teaching modules for science and engineering subjects which required laboratory works.
Effective start/end date1/10/2130/09/24


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