Educational Programme on Tai O Pang Uk | Lantau Conservation Fund | HKD1,773,420

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Tai O, located in the western part of Lantau Island, is one of the most famous fishing villages in Hong Kong. Tai O used to be the main fishing port and garrison town of Hong Kong, and it has also been the center of fishing and salt industry for a century. For generations, Tai O has been home to fishermen and their families, who built Pang Uk along the shore as living shelter. These settlements of Pang Uk were built on both sides of the waterways and the households are all connected. Some passages even pass through the neighbor's front deck or kitchen, creating a close neighborhood relationship. Residential settlements are the carriers of culture. It is worth introducing the tradition of Pang Uk to the next generations and inspiring their interest in this vanishing culture. This project aims to design and produce a set of educational materials to introduce the traditional Pang Uk, which can be used in field visit, workshops, faceto-face and online classes. Educational programmes such as themed exhibitions, talks, workshops and guided tours will be organized so to inspire and educate primary and secondary school students about this local tradition.
StatusNot started
Effective start/end date1/12/2231/05/24


  • Tai O
  • Conservation
  • Vernacular Architecture
  • Sustainability


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