The Dimension of Living: A House is | Hong Kong Arts Development Council | HKD187,300

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A group of artists, architects and life walkers contemplate and study the possible dimensions of living. How art could intervene in this mundane issue of everyday life? Could art provide "solutions" or something beyond "solutions"? Through the abstraction of the idea of "House", artists, architects, life walkers and students open up dialogues between visual arts, architecture and the art of living, and propose 13 dimensions of living.

<The Dimensions of Living: A House is> showcases 13 “Houses”. They are the artistic exposition of the mundane issues, which in return extend our imagination of the possible everyday life.

The participating artists and their topics/ dimensions: Kacey WONG: A House is Politics; TSANG Tak Ping: A House is Mindful; May FUNG: A House is Poetics; AU Hoi Lam: A House is Intimate; GROUNDWORK: A House is Playful; YAU Kwok Keung: A House is an Illusion; CHAN Wai Lap: A House is Priceless; Architecture Commons: A House is a Commons; HO Lok Chung: A House is a Wall; An Gee CHAN & Justin LARKIN: A House is a Home; SO Kwok Kin & MOK Ho Kwong: A House is an Action
Effective start/end date1/03/2031/01/21


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