The Influence of Teachers' Beliefs on the Implementation of Using Putonghua to Teach Chinese Language

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Tam, A. C. F. (2013). Pre-service teachers’ beliefs about the switch of medium-of-instruction and their influence on lesson planning and teaching practice. Asia-Pacific Journal of Education, 33(4), 476-492.
Tam, A. C. F. (2012). Teachers’ misconceptions and questionable practices when using Putonghua as the medium-of-instruction: A case study of Hong Kong. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 18(6), 655-673.
Tam, A. C. F. (2012). Teaching Chinese in Putonghua in post-colonial Hong Kong: Problems and tensions for teachers and school administrators in a secondary school. Language, Culture and Curriculum, 25(2), 103-122.
Tam, A. C. F. (2011). Does the switch of medium-of-instruction facilitate the language learning of students? A case study of Hong Kong from teachers’ perspective. Language and Education, 25(5), 399-417.
Effective start/end date1/12/0930/11/10


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