Dataset of mobile learning effectiveness on learning Computer Programming in Community College

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While learning through mobile devices, or mobile learning, has been proven feasible [1,2], its effectiveness is still in doubt as contradictory research results were observed [3–5]. In this dataset, the data collected from the experiments on mobile learning effectiveness is presented. The subject Computer Programming was used in the experiments because technical competence is one of the key success factors of mobile learning [6]. Computer Programming is an essential skill for all technical fields. It is therefore a compulsory foundation subject for all technical-related sub-degree programmes in Hong Kong Community College. Instead of comparing immediate pre-test and pro-test results, the entire subject performance of 1434 students in cohorts 2015 to 2017 was evaluated. By having different settings of mobile learning environment for each cohort, the effectiveness of mobile learning could be observed. The data collected was statistically analysed by one-way ANOVA with Turkey HSD post-hoc test. Students’ mobile learning experience was also evaluated by survey results using a 5-point Likert Scale questionnaire. The dataset in this paper should provide researchers and educators with further information on how mobile learning could be effectively implemented along with the pedagogical strategies.

Original languageEnglish
Article number104525
JournalData in Brief
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2019


  • Academic performance
  • Community College
  • Computer Programming
  • Education
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile learning
  • Mobile learning experience
  • Pedagogical strategies


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