Hoi-wood Howard Chang, Wai Keung Yeung

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Student projects are on one hand projects of students, and on the other hand their teachers’ projects. When teachers set a project brief, they would argue with themselves how open it should be. Would it be too open which allows too many possibilities and eventually loses control? Or, would it be too restrictive that disables students‘ creativity and blunts their personality ?

This exhibition documents some of our thinking on this issue over the past 2 years: How to set project briefs, especially for foundation year students. It consists of 8 components, with a beginning of “Concept - Fabrication” and an end of “Space as Manifesto”. They form together a framework of our teaching.

Intuition concerns students’ personal will, the resources of creativity, the imaginative use of the accumulated experience & knowledge, the spontaneous response on complex issue; it should be ignited and well preserved.

Operation concerns the ability to look at the logic behind phenomenon, the principles of things, the reasoning, which involve the synchronization of our mind with the users.

Construction concerns the ability of execution, the techniques for realization, the understanding of natural laws, the manipulation of structures & materials, and most crucially the articulation of the art form, as a language and poetry.
These are the competencies we like out students to have.

Teachers are miners who continuously excavate student’s capacity, and also “gardeners” who cultivate the bear lands, condition the surroundings so to let the plants be able to be themselves and present themselves nicely flourish. In this case, this exhibition simply shows some of the many conditions we have set.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2010
EventIntuition_Operation_Construction: The fundamentals of architectural design education - Hui Gallery, New Asia College, CUHK, Hong Kong
Duration: 26 Oct 20104 Nov 2010


  • Design Education
  • Architecture Education


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