Hoi-wood Chang, Wai Keung Yeung, Chi Hang Chan, Angus Yip, Lucia Cheung, Thyne Kong

Research output: Non-textual formExhibition


Installation; a SIXHIBITION project; size varied; mixed media & a shop.
Shop 116 Sino Centre Mongkok, Hong Kong; sponsored by Hong Kong Arts Development Council

When shopping mall is a galleryConsume oh consume. Shopping malls have become our major context of lives. They become landmarks of the city; they become our playgrounds; they become the smooth space for the city nomad. Each shopping mall has its own mode of operation--PP style, Landmark style, Sino style--and we fit in it with specific voice tone, gesture and mind. Galleries are another context of lives and we have another set of "language" to fit in it. When shopping mall becomes gallery, when two sets of "mode" intersect, we may have a more critical perspective to look at the malls. We may perform in the malls with the voice tone, gesture and mind of being in a gallery. We may introspect that we visit a gallery, would it be the same with wandering in a shopping mall, just consuming?

SIXHIBITION launches a business in Sino Center. They provide consumers life style and taste, stir up their desires and provide fulfillment onward. "SInoOneOneSix" criticizes the mechanism of consumptive activities and examine their necessary conditions. What is selling may not be important. The values of the goods depends on the desire to exchange rather than their cost. From the choice of the goods, their packaging, labeling and production, to geographical/ cultural locality of the shopping mall, the work does not investigate a marketing strategy but asking a question: where does the production of the meaning of space start and end?
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2000
Externally publishedYes
EventSinoOneOneSix - Shop 116, Sino Center, Mongkok, Hong Kong
Duration: 1 Jan 200030 Jan 2000


  • Visual Arts
  • Architecture
  • Installation


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